Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless Android camera revealed: Specifications, pictures

Samsung CEO JK Shin confirmed that the Android manufacturer is indeed going to release a mirror-less Android powered camera on June 20 event in London. He even clarified that Galaxy S4 sales are going well, and investors should not worry. He said this in order to rebuke the JP Morgan report stating that Samsung faced a setback in Galaxy S4 sales. A day after the confirmation, press shots and live images of the camera leaked online.

Galaxy NZ

According to the press shots, Samsung Galaxy NX EK-GN120 will come with a 20.3 MP APS-C sensor and will be powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. It will support an interchangeable lens and will support ISO 100 – 25,600 and Full HD video capture. As per the UAProf file, it will come with a qHD display slapped on its back.

Galaxy NZ front

The camera looks big and humongous in the press shots leaked and is certainly a ‘big’ brother to the original Galaxy Camera. It is not clear whether the naming will stick with Galaxy NX or will be changed to Galaxy Camera 2 in order to complete the Galaxy Camera lineup. The camera is certainly closer to DSLR in size with large touch screen display powered by Android slapped on its back.

According to other rumors, Galaxy NX will be powered by a Samsung’s Exynos quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8/16 GB of internal storage. As can be seen from the press shot as well, it will come with three changeable NX lens (18-55 OIS, 18-200 OIS and 85-?).

Galaxy NZ lens

As can be spotted in the press release, it will also come with expected premium DSLR hardware controls such as a shutter release, pop-up flash release, top-mounted dial, lens release for compatible lens and a dedicated video capture button. The openings for lanyard connection point and speakerphone can also be spotted. Stay tuned for more information and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for more news on phones, gadgets and tablets.