Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 for India: Review, Specs, Prices, Images, Features, Comparison with iPad 2

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Tab 750, the latest Android powered Tablet device in India few days ago. It is basically the Galaxy Tab 10.1 released after the grand success of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.

This new released tablet is capable of giving a big time competition to one of the most popular tablet, Apple iPad 2. It has been also reported that Apple have charged the Samsung for copying its design but this accusation has been denied by the Korean company.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 launched last year was priced at Rs 30,000 and was a huge success in Indian market. To meet the need of general people in India Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab 750 that is priced around Rs 36,200 with additional new features. It will be available in Indian markets soon and in the other part of the world too by the end of this month.

The 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab delivers a bright and large screen to the users. It runs on Android V3.1 Honeycomb OS, specially optimized and designed for Tablets by Google. It is powered by super cool 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor for superb performance.

Samsung has learnt a lot from their latest high end smartphone Galaxy SII and designed the Galaxy 750 Tab giving more importance to the slim factor. That adds to its classy and eye-catching look which drives the consumer crazy. The new Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab is thinner when compared to Apple iPad 2, it is around 8.6mm whereas the iPad 2 is 8.8mm. Definitely this 0.2mm difference is not a big deal can be only measured by Vernier scale, but it adds to the attractive features of Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab.

The Galaxy 750 Tab weighs 565 grams while the 3G+ Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 weighs 607 grams, these 42 grams may not sound much but it makes a huge difference for the users who are conscious about the weight of the device. It also makes a big difference when you are holding it. Samsung has also chosen to forgo extensive use of metal like its foray products, this might make it look attractive but this is the factor which will make Apple iPad 2 users to turn their nose up.

The Battery life of Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab will surely not disappoint you, like Apple iPad 2 – it gives you outstanding talk time and manages to provide 10 to 11 hours of continuous usage. One can’t deny the fact that the Battery of the iPad 2 is not removable this is a little inconvenient for its users.

Specification and Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750


Samsung has borrowed the design prompts from their own product collection and has adopted a widescreen design with the Galaxy 10.1 Tab. The ultra light Galaxy 750 Tab weighs only 565 grams making it more comfortable for its surplus extended periods of usage. The standard volume buttons, micro-SD card slot, 3.5 mm and power button are all housed on the top of the device.

It also grabs the title of the world’s thinnest tablet from the iPad 2 by 0.2-inches. For the construction of the device the Samsung has used an ultra light plastic particularly for the glossy white back finish. This makes the device very fragile and it actually depress users to hold it firmly. Whatever it is one cannot deny the fact that today the Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab has become one of the most fashionable portable and comfortable tablets to carry around in the market.

Operating System and Processor:

The Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab works on Android v3.1 Honeycomb Operating System same as its predecessors. It is powered by 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, the same processor used in the Xoom and many other high-end Android devices.

When working on supreme high processor we can expect it to be a pretty fast device. The device runs very smoothly and the performance is comparable to the other Android Honeycomb based tablets. With this processor speed you can also experience faster downloads, high quality graphics consistent streaming media. You can run multiple apps with ease on multiple tabs or windows.


The device supports 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage space. This can be extended up to 32 GB with a microSD flash card which is plenty in comparison with the previous tablet device. This additional memory enables you to save more of your documents, pictures, videos and can also save recent downloaded movies, so that you can watch it during your leisure time.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab features excellent screen sharpness with the high definition 10.1 inch WXGA display which is large and bright. With the maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, so that you can get great viewing angles and colors will look crisp and clear. This allows you for full-screen viewing of photos, videos and websites.


Galaxy 750 Tab has a 3 megapixel rear camera with LED Flash and 2 megapixel front cameras which allows you for a comfortable video chat. It includes many options like auto exposure, white balance, auto focus modes, Scene Mode, effects and Geo tagging.

It also supports 720p good quality of video recording and Full HD (1080p) video playback. The video formats it supports for playback are MPEG4, H.263, H.264, XviD, VP8, WMV7/8, MP43, VC-1 Format like WMV(asf), 3GP(MP4), AVI.


It offers powerful dual surround speakers both on the right and left sides of the device. This gives extremely high quality of audio and the Galaxy 750 Tab is capable of Adobe Flash Player 10.2.  Also supports audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, OGG, WAV, AMR, MID, IMY, WMA, Vorbis, RTTTL/RTX and OTA.


It supports 3G connectivity through GSM, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS navigation capability, mobile hotspot capability and DLNA support.


The Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab is a more power efficient device with battery 7000 mAh for all day long activities better than its predecessor model.

Other features:

It also includes USB 2.0 port, GPS chip, 3.5mm stereo headset jack, HDMI output, microSD card slot and SIM slot.


The Galaxy Tab 750 will run on Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI 4.0 which will offer support for various Live Panel, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Mini Apps, Social Hub, Music Hub and Readers Hub. Other Apps includes Kobo eBooks, Pen memo, Photo Editor, World Clock, Microsoft Quick Office, Full HTML Web Browser, Books, Email, Gallery, Google Maps, Gmail, Android Market, Browser, Google Search, Google Talk, Voice Search, Latitude, Navigation, Places, Pulse, YouTube, Music Player etc.

The tablets will come embedded with My Reader application that will provide you to access to nearly 17 magazines, 17 newspapers and 30,000 Indian language books. You can also enjoy up to 55 Indian channels with the preloaded Mobile TV.

Package contents:

One unit of the Samsung Galaxy Tab includes 3.5mm Headset, Travel Charger, USB cable, User Guide. There are plenty of other stylish and trendy accessories are available for purchase like carry case, cover, keyboard, dock connectors and more.

Price and Availability in India:

In India the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 will have its retail price around Rs 36,200. The company has announced that the device will be made available in India and in the other part of the world by the end of this month or by the mid of September.

Samsung has also united with Vodafone network to offer 3G data usage for Galaxy 750 Tab. It will allow usage of up to 2GB data/month offer for nearly six months at Rs 3,000 only.


In Today’s advanced market I can say that the Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab is the finest when compared to the rest. The best thing about this device is its compact design and its large attractive display with all latest technologies embedded in it. It has also become the closest competitor (and even better than) to an Apple iPad 2.

Video Reviews:

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  2. Great article. Definitely more than a match for the ipads! Do check A Knight’s Tale – Sir Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 as well..

  3. It seems that the review is not done for the device which will be launched in India:-) Now that the 16GB version is already launched, we can point out three main mistakes in the above review :
    1. The Galaxy 750 Tab does not have a SD card slot ( Its really a let down as this limits storage options to a puny 16GB for which you pay almost 34K !)
    2. There is a option of a USB converter packed in the box. While it can be used for connecting tab to laptop , it is not clear to the samsung salesmen whether an external mass media can be connected through this USB converter. If it can, then maybe the lack of SD card slot can be justified.
    3. There are no accessories available in the market , not even cover.
    4. I am not very sure about the “samsung touchwitz ” UI that you have mentioned this device has. I thought it is a tablet optimised version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb( same upgrade now available free in Motorolla Xoom too).

    I think with the recent price cuts, the Motorola xoom is a much better option . With like to like specs the Wifi + 3G Xoom is priced as
    16GB : 29900 /-
    32GB : 34590 /- So, Samsung Galaxy tab has half storage at the same price !
    Any views ?

  4. I am eagerly waiting for the galaxy tab 750. Some of the websites and reviews show it has a Micro SD card slot. the Actual specs from Samsung does not show it. Did your demo device had a microsd slot?

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