Samsung to hold Galaxy S3 Launch event on 22nd May in London

A new press  invite pop up image have been emerged on few Korean websites showing a glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S3 and stating that the Korean electronics giant is going to launch the next generation Galaxy phone in London on 22nd May.

This image looks like a real deal to me, I mean the phone model showed in the above image is totally different from the several designs rumored on web in last few months. And we all know that Samsung is having very different plans for Galaxy S3 and haven’t said a single word regarding its development till now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be the next flagship Samsung product, so it is natural to expect something differ from Samsung. Quad core processors, gigs of ram has been already introduced by several mobile manufacturers like HTC has introduced its HTC One X in MWC 2012 which is going to launch worldwide in few days. We are expecting something revolutionary changes from Samsung.

Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief Analyst, MRG tweeted the above pic asking people, Is it real or fake? and the full tweet reads, “My comment about this sgs3 pic….hmmm no comments :-) what do u think? Real or fake?” Well Eldar, “no comment” is just another way of confirming something you’re not supposed to speak of.

I am preparing myself for the surprise from Samsung. Suggestions are to hold your new smartphone purchase for few months or you’ll regret it later for sure!