Samsung to launch a 12.2 inch Galaxy Note tablet: Rumored specs and availability

According to the report by Korean site ET News, Samsung is preparing a large 12.2 inch Galaxy Note tablet. Earlier there were rumors that Apple is also going to release a 12 inch iPad in 2014. Apparently, Samsung wants to beat Apple by launching its own variant of a large screen tablet by the end of this year.

Random 12 inch tablet

According to the report, the 12.2 inch tablet will bear a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display and Samsung is already starting procuring LCD panels from Sharp and Samsung Display. This tablet is also expected to come with an S-Pen Stylus support and S-Pen dedicated apps like all other Note devices. The report further adds that Samsung started working on the tablet from mid-2012but it kept delaying it in favor of other smaller Note devices which required its immediate attention.

The report adds that Sharp will be producing those display panels using IGZO, Indium- Gallium Zinc Oxide. Samsung is aiming to target both the Notebook PC and Smartpad markets with its 12.2 inch Smartpad tablet. These 12.2 inch smart pads are relatively cheaper than Notebooks and together with an S-Pen, it will serve as a perfect solution for digital textbooks.

The report also adds that Apple is preparing its iPad ‘Maxi’ 12 inch tablet for next year launch but if Samsung has gone back to resume its large screen tablet development, it might launch it before Apple to capture the market first.

Samsung 12 inch HD tablet

A common problem with 12 inch Android tablets is that there are no optimized apps for such a large screen in the Android Play Store. Furthermore, it might not be as cheap as a smartpad, since Samsung is probably going to include an S-Pen digitizer, which for such a large display won’t come cheap. There is no information about its pricing or availability, but considering the screen size and Galaxy Note branding, it should cost you at least USD 400-500.

Considering the Samsung’s love for large screen devices and its unstoppable desire to launch a device for every screen size, the report in fact seems true but we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt till anything before the official release. Stay tuned for more such updates and follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for more such news updates on phones, gadgets and tablets.