Samsung to launch OLED TV in Q3 2012 for $9000

Next generation televisions surfaced ever since the start of 2012, with first wrap-up in CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2012. World’s top TV maker Samsung already impressed us with the new, feature rich and next generation OLED TVs. And now the most awaited television for the year 2012 has finally showed up with a release date and information on pricing.

The unveiling was done by Samsung in South Korea at the World’s Fair 2012 in which the Samsung spokesperson reported that this new television set will be launched sometime soon in the second half of 2012.

With initial release in Korea, this new OLED TV will be priced at 10 million won, around $9000. Big Price, isn’t it?

It is likely to come to the USA and Europe after the Korea launch, but it looks like Samsung is carefully planning the launch ahead of London Olympics as the TV sales are likely to go up during the sporting events.

OLEDs  have many advantages over the LEDs as it has better contrast and black levels and also low power consumption. Yes, this OLED TV is ready with Samsung smart features like ‘Smart Evolution’ and also ‘Smart Interaction’. Along with this it will also offer Smart dual view where you will be able to view 2D and 3D content simultaneously.

With big price tag the demands for the TV will be low initially. Samsung assumes it will take two to three long years for OLED TVs to become mainstream.

The early prototype seen in CES is already into production and it looks like Samsung is close to achieve the target and ready to launch the next generation televisions.