Samsung to launch Windows Phone 7 version of Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is a great example of combination of powerful hardware with an elegant design build. It has already impressed many with its awesome elegant design and vast functionality. So, after creating a furor in the Android world with the Samsung Galaxy S II, the company is now looking forward to transfer the same form factor to another major mobile platform as well.

Rumor suggests that Samsung is now looking forward to working on getting its top end power packed phone running the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The suspicion came from a Bluetooth SIG Certificate where it was earlier been issued to Samsung i937.

Upon seeing the Samsung profiles of Smartphones, its much obvious that it’s for a Windows Phone 7 device. Moreever its name has also occassionaly been mentioned on the gamers list of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Some also noted that the move to Windows Phone 7 version by Samsung would also require them to replace Galaxy S II chipset with a Qualcomm Snapdragon version, and this is much possible by Samsung.

The phone is expected to hit the market this fall when the Mango update will be available for general public.

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