Samsung Patents a new way of handling Icons and Folders in Android Phones

Apple has always been ahead of Samsung when it comes to methodology of handling files and folders. In the coming days Samsung will come up with an innovating feature which will allow the users to scroll through folder items without wasting any time. The new innovation will allow users to build stacks of application icons and folders. This will enable the user to browse through quickly. If you have used a bumptop on Windows, this might sound very similar.

User interfaces have developed a lot and they allow the user to easily use their device. There a lot of short cut buttons on your home screen which allows you to navigate through your favorite applications and folders straight away.

But nowadays, we have noticed that every user downloads a lot amount of applications on his device and it becomes difficult for him to arrange all of them. The Menu screen gets loaded with loads of icons which create a lot of confusion in the minds of the user.

What Samsung desires to do?

Samsung has filed a new patent which describes a new methodology to deal with icons stacks and folders on Smartphones and Tablets. Samsung’s new invention will manage the icons in a effective way.

The invention provides a display method and system by which a number of object items selected by the user are formed as a group of object items arranged on a screen of a mobile device.

Take a look at the pictures below. It shows how you pick up several icons and make a stack of it.

You will also be able to expand the objects like and accordion. Just tap the accordion again, the stack will fold back.

There are some other alternative methods proposed by Samsung. You will be able to move icons around like a deck of cards or have stack open in the secondary screen. We have seen similar sort of thing on an iOS device.

Samsung has also filed a folder idea that simply involves scrolling through a folder, which looks like a winning user interface methodology to get around Apple’s folder style.

Samsung’s patent application was originally filed in Q4 2011. This was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office in Q2 2012.

Source: Patent Bolt.