Samsung to Rollout Hindi Input Update for Galaxy Smartphones Shortly

The Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones is all set to communicate in your choice of regional Indian language. Samsung recently announced that its Galaxy range of smart phones would be capable of Hindi input as soon as next month. Samsung plans to roll out an update for its Galaxy smart phones through which the devices will be able to display most of the local Indian languages.

Samsung neither mentioned the list of models that would receive the update nor the time frame. The news of update comes as a boon for Indian users who wished to operate their Android phones in a regional Indian language of their choice.

Galaxy S2

Samsung India’s product manager for mobile phones, Vikas Tagra stated that the Galaxy smart phones from Samsung would receive the language update. The language update will bring in two changes, viz. Hindi language input and regional language menu options. The update is also expected to bring support for a large spectrum of Indian Languages but currently only Hindi will have an input support. Samsung also said that later on the input support will be expanded to other Indian regional languages.

Samsung however did not mention the medium through which users would get the update. Samsung also failed to exactly pinpoint the date when the update would be made available. It is speculated that most of the Galaxy smart phone owners will have to connect their smart phone to a computer and gain access to the update through the Samsung Kies software. The Samsung language update might be made available along with the Android Gingerbread update which is due for the Galaxy Pop and Galaxy Fit range of smart phones.

HTC earlier this year had announced a Hindi language update for its entire line of Android smart phones. This update would be made available by the end of 2011. HTC also ensured that its entire line of Android smart phones like the Incredible S, Desire HD, etc had received the Android Gingerbread update and that they were ready for the Hindi language update.

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