Samsung Smart TV – The future of Television

Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily search for movies, TV shows, browse the web, explore Samsung apps, chat with friends and find many other types of new interactive TV content.

All this is achieved via Smart Hub. Smart Hub is the interface to all of Samsung’s Smart TV features. From the Smart Hub you can easily access the Search All feature, see movie and app recommendations, open the Web Browser or launch all the apps your have downloaded to your TV.

The following are some of the apps available on the Smart Hub:

  • Web Browser lets you surf the net on your TV.
  • Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch
  • Your Video recommends movies and TV shows that reflect your individual tastes
  • Samsung Apps showcases a growing collection of premium web-connected apps specifically built for your TV that connects you to your favorite digital content
  • Samsung Movie and Music Apps take “on demand” content to a whole new level.
  • Samsung Gaming, Social Networking and News Apps let your TV screen double as a virtual playground for social networking or gaming.

This infographic compares Sony Internet TV vs LG Netcast vs Samsung TV. Click on the thumbnail image to view the large image.

To start using the Samsung Apps platform on your Samsung TV you must first connect your TV to the internet, which is an easier process than it may sound. Some Samsung TVs have built-in wifi and other TVs require a wireless adapter called a Link Stick (sold separately). Both options offer quick and easy connection to your home network.

You can get more details on this here.