Samsung Smart Window Review

Have you ever come across a plain window with touch-screen controls and iPad like functionality? If no, take a look at Samsung’s latest offspring – the ‘Smart Window’. The device is very much like a transparent touch-screen LCD that can be fitted to a window up to 46 inches. It delivers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Inspired by Samsung’s own transparent display technology, Smart Window runs on ambient lighting, powered by the sunlight outside. The main feature or the highlight of the 46-inch LCD is its ‘Blind’ app. The application when activated allows you to slowly open and close the digital blinds that affect the amount of actual light coming in, just like what you can do with a plain window.

Other than that, it’s has a one-way mirror. This means you don’t have to worry about a passerby who is trying to notice you or wants to check out what’s on your screen; they’ll only see themselves. The Smart Window can work as a monitor too. With its Internet power you can get access to most popular social networking apps such as Twitter and  Facebook. Its icons appear on the screen every time and if you don’t need them, side them with just a swipe of your finger. Besides, you can access stock information, world map, weather forecast and much more.

It differs from other standard LCD’s in a way that regular LCDs are only 5-percent transparent; whereas Samsung’s Smart Window increases that value by 15-20-percent. Plus, it consumes only about 10% of the electricity that a standard LCD display of its size would consume.

Samsung is expected to start producing these displays by Q4 of 2012. Unfortunately, there’s no word on the pricing. Samsung has also said that apart from homes and offices the technology could be scaled down for use in military visors (reminds me of Tom Cruise’s latest movie Mission Impossible 4 – The Ghost Protocol). Samsung’s Smart Window definitely makes you realize that future is technology! I have only one question to ask Samsung, what’s next?