Samsung’s Tizen Smartphones details are out, may launch by year end

2013 is the year of Mobile Operating Systems. It marks the ascent of Android and iOS to own a majority of the market share and also holds the record for the announcement of a large number of mobile OS Smartphone launches including Ubuntu OS, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS. How could Tizen remain behind them? The Greek Tizen community has revealed that Samsung has been working on two new Smartphones which will be running Tizen OS and may launch by the later part of the year.


The model numbers are GT-I8800, codenamed Melius and the GT-I8805, codenamed Redwood. The Smartphones seems to run Tizen version 2.1, called Magnolia. The Redwood is believed to be a 4G ready phone with LTE chip and Melius will have 3G capability only. The two Tizen brothers are believed to hit the shelves in September. They are expected to hit US markets first, before going global.

The Linux based OS Tizen is jointly developed by 12 companies including Samsung and Intel and will offer the alternative to Android. Currently the Tizen OS is under the care of Linux Foundation and will offer to be more open-source in comparison to its rivals. The world’s largest Android Smartphone manufacturer Samsung is looking to reduce its dependency on Android, especially when Google raised concerns about being a future competitor when it acquired Motorola.

An official of Tizen Association, Chase Perrin added that the first phones will have a sufficient number of applications. He said, “Android, among other mobile operating systems, is tightly controlled. As an open-source software platform, Tizen is designed to make it easy to develop for a range of devices.”

Tizen screenshots

Another unconfirmed rumor adds that Samsung will launch two products at first, one in the high-end price bracket and another in the mid-end price bracket. It is clear that if that happens Redwood will be a high-end phone and Melius will be a mid-range phone. Samsung showed off its prototype device running Tizen at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Other rumors suggest that Japan’s biggest telecom company NTT Docomo will have the honors of launching first Tizen device. The official launch from Samsung will remove all the doubts.

We positively hope that Tizen, which can run all the apps currently available on Google Play Store owing to its Application Compatibility Layer (ACL), will emerge to be a worthy alternative to Android and will open more options for developers and manufacturers alike. Keep following our blog for more such updates and keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for the best and latest news in technology.