The Samsung Vitality with Music Muve

‘Oooh this is soo cute’ is what you might end up saying after catching a glimpse of the Samsung Vitality, announced a few days ago by Samsung and cricKet. This sweet mobile device runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version and is definitely worth the buy.

The Samsung Vitality features an 800MHz CPU, powered by a 3.5 inch display . This lucid display does possess a maximum resolution of 320X480 pixels while also proudly sporting a 3.2MP camera. Nope. There is no front camera but yet, it looks pretty stylish without one. The biggest, or say, the most special thing is that the Samsung Vitality is the first phone on cricKet’s Network to launch with Muve’s Music.

, which offers unlimited access to music downloads, ringtones, and ringback tones in addition to Cricket’s rate for all-inclusive talk, text, and Web. The Samsung Vitality also features the Swype Keyboard, thus minimizing the typing efforts while below the touch-screen, few soft keys can be spotted which really help in navigation around.

The unlimited plan may cost you $65 per month while the actual device can cause a hole in your pocket worth $200. The Samsung Vitality is not yet available and according to latest inputs, it is expected to be launched by Samsung later this month.


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