SatGuide X350: Travel guide and GPS navigator for your car

Are you lost among the busy lanes and incessant traffic? No one to help you out or ask for directions? The SatGuide x350 comes to your rescue. Trusted by thousands with a huge fan base, the SatGuide X350 (256 MB) is a GPS navigator that helps you in finding out your way when needed.

It has got a super-bright, non-glare anti-reflective LCD screen measuring 3.5″ with a highly sensitive GPS receiver for an optimum performance thereby instantly guiding you to your destination via GPS.

The SatGuide X350 isn’t just for techies or geeks and can be used by all thanks to its user-friendly software interface along with its slim profile with a rubberized design which prevents its body from major damages. Its ability to guide you through a voice allows you to keep your eyes on the road when driving and prevents you from peeking at the screen every second which may result in casualties or accidents, especially while driving. It automatically calculates the distance and presents to you the fastest route and alerts you of an instant re-route once you take a wrong turn.

The thousands of pre-installed Points of Interest to find a petrol station, restaurants, hotels, bars etc help in locating your destination easily with the support of 2D & 3D navigation view.

If you need an additional map, the SatGuide X350 allows you to insert an SD memory card (upto 2GB) and attach the additional map(s) if required. And whats more, you can browse through your favourite pictures or listen to music while on your way to your destination via the SatGuide X350.

Instead of wasting time over stopping at every corner and asking for directions, get the SatGuide X350 for around INR 10,000 and be a winner on the road.