Save a Webpage without Distractions to Evernote with Clearly

The favorite webpages on the web can be bookmarked through various ways, we have to save the entire webpage as link though there is a less important content which we need in it. Later by the introduction of the Web apps like Evernote you can save only the important contents of the webpage through the clippings. If you are reading the book it provide you a clean interface without any distractions but the online webpage doesn’t provide a lot of clutter. Evernote has bought a new Extension for Chrome browser which save your webpage in a clean way removing all the distractions on the page Like Ads and extra side-bar content to Evernote.

Clearly is the Chrome only Extension which helps you to save your favorite webpages to Evernote removing all the clutter for further reading. This extension is developed by the Evernote for making the Later reading of the webpages more simple.


After the installation of Clearly extension an icon of this extension is displayed besides the wrench icon of the Chrome browser. Later when you come across a favorite webpage just hit the icon of this extension where you are headed to the other page where the webpage is processed in a clean way.


Later hit the Evernote icon for clipping the article to your Evernote account. If you are using the Clearly extension for the first time then you are prompted to provide the login information after the login information is provided then clipping of the article is made.

This Clearly extension provides the option to manage the text size to small, medium and large. Also it have the Themes to manage the visibility of the text or you can customize your own Theme. There is a seamless view to browse the multi-page articles as one. By default the extension doesn’t add any tags to the clippings if you want add tags go to options of this extension and select ‘Tag with’ and add tag name for it.