Screenshot Tutorial: How to simulate multiple blogs with WordPress blogging service

You might be aware of the fact that WordPress has two variants. One of which is a client that can be installed on a server so as to host a website through it. In other words it is a CMS and publishing tool. The other version of WordPress is an online blogging service, similar to Blogger by Google (The first one has the site and the second one

Talking about the latter, we know that it is a great tool for creating your own blog for free. Some interactive websites have also been created using this tool only. But there still is a major drawback to this, which is its inability to create more than one blog on one domain.

Some people want two or more blogs on WordPress on the same domain. But this isn’t possible as it is. But there is a way to simulate just that thing!

Multiple Blogs In WordPress


  1. Log into your WordPress account (Link)
  2. Open the Dashboard of the Blog on which you want to have many blogs. Say, you want two blogs, one with theme cameras and other Linux.
  3. Go to Post>>Categories. Create two new categories Linux and Cameras.
  4. Now go to Appearance>>Menus
  5. Create a new menu with whatever title you want. We select ABC.
  6. Now you can edit the menu. There is a box containing the text ‘Categories’.
  7. Check the ‘Cameras’ and ‘Linux’ categories and select Add to Menu.
  8. On the top right part of the page, there is an option for ‘Theme Locations’. Select ABC.
  9. Now Click ‘Save Menu’Add a new page with Name ‘Blog’.
  10. Now go to Settings>>Reading.
  11. There is a front page option. Select ‘A static page (select below)’.
  12. Set the front page to any static page you want, say About. Set the Blog Page to Blog.
  13. Save Changes and You’re done!
  14. Now everything is self explanatory. Post with category Cameras and it goes into that section of site, and same for Linux!

To check out a demo about how it will look go to

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  1. Hi, i need somthing like that, but working in – can i do the same as n I need that every page is a blog page whereone post follows the other. Thabks tons for any advice.

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