Review of Seagate Momentus XT, an SSD alternative

If you are planning to shell out some bucks on SSD, then wait a second! Let us introduce you to the new Seagate Momentus XT, a HDD/SSD hybrid. It resembles the old Momentus XT, offering a boost in performance with an affordable price tag, especially when compared to SSD’s.

It is a nice upgrade to the old Momentus, with flash memory doubled and also 50 percent more storage space.

It can beat most SSD’s in terms of boot, wake-up time and application but transfer is average among all hard drives. We’d suggest you to better use it as a host drive to run your OSes. Its 9mm thick, so can fit itself in any 2.5 mm slot.

It has got 8 GB of high speed single celled flash memory which with the combination of 750GB storage space works superb. Following the trend, the new Momentus has got adaptive memory technology which automatically from the operating system moves frequently used information to flash memory for faster access. As the flash storage is doubled more files can be moved to it, making the drive stand closer to SSD.

The drive supports SATA 3, which is twice as fast as the traditional SATA 2. The flash memory doesn’t have any moving parts and the hard drive spins at 7200 rpm like high speed laptop hard drives. This means it is more vulnerable to shocks and vibrations than SSDs. And also it consumes more power and generates more heat than SSD’s.

Seagate Momentus XT Performance

The drive improves subsequently, which means it takes time to improve things.  When you will first boot the drive, it would boot as the normal hard drive. But for the second time, the boot time is reduced significantly. The same is the case loading file from the drive which improves subsequently. The wake up time from the standby mode is superb, significantly faster than the host hard drives. The process may also get reversed, suppose if you don’t use an application for long time, then it will take larger time to load it.

The drive improved a lot In terms of computer start up, wake up shutdown time and application performance. But it may disappoint in terms of its copy speeds.

The average speed when used as a secondary drive is 80Mbps, which wasn’t slow, but slower than some high speed drives. When used as the main drive, the average speed was registered approximately 34Mbps which was expected as it has to perform reading and writing tasks both. This was again slower than some high end drives.

This isn’t a big deal if you are patient enough. Though is doesn’t match the speed of SSD’s but it may boost your computer’s overall performance


With a great overall performance and larger storage space, it makes sense as your laptop or desktop HDD replacement, for those who can’t afford SSD.

Seagate Momentus XT Price

Available at for $139.99