Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Websites and Blogs

Many startup bloggers are much concerned about their website visitors and traffic. Small business owners, bloggers and startups try out several things to might be increase their increase search engine positions. You might have tried good content generation, Social media marketing and paid advertising also – but still not gained the expected improvement. Read this article for the easiest and most effective SEO methods.

Now you can make a powerful contribution to your website’s Search engine optimization (SEO) with one easy change to your brand or website or blog. To implement this change, you don’t even have to be an SEO expert; however a familiarity with keyword research will help you in the side.

To begin with, you should have knowledge about the Google Keyword tool, so make sure you can access that and that you know roughly how to use it. It is very easy to know about Google Adwords Keyword tool (it’s free).

Now, let’s come back to your site!

The text present in the title is one of the most important factors of a website, when it comes time for Google to decide where in the Search Engine Results Pages it will appear. If you just look at any page of Google search results, you can see that every result contains the page title, a short summary (or description) of the content of that page, followed by the URL link to that page.

In each case, the keywords typed into the search are marked in bold lettering where they appear in the search results. From Google’s point of view, if a page is called “make money online”, it’s a good indication that this page is about “making money online”. So it is likely that Google will, with many other considerations, rank that page higher for a search on make money online if it is in the title, instead of not using that phrase in the title.

Most web platforms (CMS or Blogging) will add the site slogan, or brand tagline, to the landing page title automatically. Knowing that your site/business/blog slogan or tagline is going to appear in the page title, it is a wasted SEO opportunity not to brand your site/business in SEO friendly language. It is good to provide your brand name or tagline as a positive marketing message, but it really do nothing to enhance the SEO of the website or blog. It also won’t say anything about the nature of the site/blog, its services or products. Effectively, it will become a dead weight from the point of view of Google or any other organic search results.

After learning about your title issue, it was then to move over to Google’s Keyword Tool and look for highly relevant key phrases that would help to drive targeted traffic to your website. “digital photography, digital cameras, lens |” rather than only “”. It is good to insert the keywords first. Include your brand in the end of the title. This is for Search Engines, remember.

If you look at the traffic search patterns in Google Keyword Tool for “Make Money Online”, then, you can see that it generates approximately 550 thousand monthly searches. If I placed any other keywords like “I help you to become rich” or “My great business”, then I would have end up with less targeted keyword search. These terms won’t reach at least 30000 search per month. So, you need to search for the keywords related to your blog’s niche or subject. You can use the Google Keyword tool for this research.

Now, if someone landed on your website and sees a related page title will now immediately understand that this website is all about “your keyword”. So, Search Engines duty ends here, it is now far easier for visitors to make a decision about the content and usefulness of your blog or website, by seeing your content. So, don’t ever go for SEO, before cleaning up your site and fill it with some attractive contents. Your site content will be the ultimate factor to make strangers to become the daily visitors.

I hope you will find these SEO tips usefil. Stay tuned to The Geeks Club for more Google Adsense tips and Make Money Online Tricks.

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