Search Relevant and Similar Images with PicsLikeThat

One annoying feature of Image searching Applications is they display few relevant images with more of Non-Applicable content. However, not all of them are identical. Some do simplify the matter and serve the purpose very well. For instance PicsLikeThat, a Web Application Optimizes your search results by allowing you to view look-alike images.

The application is powered by Fotolia and claims to offer an easier image search than competitors. In short, it helps you to find more ‘like this’ images. All the visitor has to do is enter a search query and a cloud of image thumbnails is displayed.

You can select the image by simply doing double-click on the desired image or view other images similar to that one. Once found, you can click on it to preview it, and navigate to its page on Fotolia.

Key feature of the application is its language support. Besides English, PicsLikeThat supports German too and therefore keywords can be entered in both English as well as German language.

The downside of the application is that all the pictures have watermark but if you want to use them for your professional purposes you can purchase them. Also, the current site is still a demo, so there are limited pictures available however, the site promises to grow over time and provide images that will be most useful.

Features of PicsLikeThat

  • A user-friendly web service
  • Lets you find images similar to an image
  • Lets you keep finding similar images till you find one you like
  • Leads you to the Fotolia page of an image

Thus if you are looking for an application that can limit your image search and ensure that finding images will take you seconds and not minutes then you must find PicsLikeThat as a good pick. PicsLikeThat offers a visually delightful way to look for images. visit here.