Get search results from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and More With Google Search

It is some times difficult to get satisfied by the search results fetched by Google. If we need search results from specified websites from Google search we need to navigate to all the search results fetched by the Google search. So, it is a tedious and time wasting process to navigate through all the search results to find the results from specified web sites. There is extension/add-on for Google search which shows the results from the customized web sites on the right side of the Google search results.

Search Tabs is the extension which is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers which shows the results of the specified websites at the right side of the Google search results. It segregates all the results from the web sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter and from your favorite websites and makes ease to find the results from the specified website.

We have tested the extension of the Search Tabs for Chrome and it works similar to the Firefox Addon. Here is the screenshot of the Search Tab Extension for Chrome.


If you want to add extra sources or add your favorite sites to the search tab hit the ‘+’ button at the top of the extension and later hit ‘Add Sources’ and add your sources to the Search tab else to add your favorite website hit ‘Add more results’ below the Add sources tab and add your favorite website.

Google now started indexing the Facebook comments but this extension helps you to show your Facebook results for a Google search query. With the installation of this Addon you can view the results of the Google search along with search results for Twitter, Flicker, Youtube, Wikipedia and many more. For Google Image search this will be helpful to search relevant results along with Flicker which is included in this extension. This Addon is available for all the versions of the Firefox browser.

Chrome Extension.