10 Secret Tips to Use Your iPhone Efficiently

Apple is a renowned innovation company that is known the world over for its superior products. Apple has a small customer base but those who use Apple products once get hooked on to them for life. The iPhone 4 is the latest Apple product to create a buzz in the market and not without reason. It packs in some of the most amazing functionalities while being a user-friendly device with an intuitive interface. However, for those who get boggled by the complexity of smartphones, here are some quick tips to help you play smart with your iPhones.


Here are some awesome iPhone tips that you will like to try and use regularly:

  1. Most Apple manuals say that the power button is used to wake up the phone. But you can also use the home button for the same purpose.
  2. When you are scrolling through a long web page, to go the top you don’t need to scroll back. There is a bar at the top, tapping on which allows you to go to the top of the page immediately.
  3. In order to close programs executing in the background simply double tap on the home button, hold down the application and press the red minus sign.
  4. In order to delete an e-mail lying in your box, simply swipe the e-mail. Gmail users can set it delete the message or archive it.
  5. Conserve your battery power by turning Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and 3G off.
  6. If you want to send a URL to someone, just click on the address field and that will bring up the ‘Share’ button. Clicking on that will open up a new mail with the URL pre-written in the mail body.
  7. If you want to dismiss the spelling suggested by the keyboard. Turn the iPhone to landscape mode before you touch a text field.
  8. Using Google Maps you can locate restaurants, theatres, etc near the map’s present location (which is your present location for instance, your home).
  9. Use the Sleep/Wake button to press twice when someone calls you and the call will be directed to your voicemail.
  10. Take a screenshot of your iPhone screen by holding the Home button and pressing the sleep/wake button. The image is saved in the camera images folder.
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