Secure High Speed Ethernet Connections over Coax cabling with WiPNET

Well known for manufacturing a range of products that fulfil your visual needs, Wired Wireless Wideband, aka Wi3 has come up with yet another offering – WiPNET! The device promises to offer hassle-free connectivity and secure high-speed Ethernet connections over coax cabling.

 Whether plugged into an IPTV, PC or HDTV, additional WiPNET ports are automatically configured to deliver dependable, fast and full-strength Ethernet connections anywhere you need them. It has the ability to transmit data at a speed of up to 175Mbps.

The WiPNET provides simple installation and auto-programming of the entire network so it is easy to set up and can be included in wall sockets, on wall mounts or as standalone boxes; but once done they cannot be reconfigured.

For detailed installation instructions you can visit here. The page offers a quick installation guide in the form of diagrammatic representations. Just click on the thumbnails to get an overview of the process.

 WiPNET is available in four different configurations

  1. WiP1000
  2. WiP1500
  3. WiP2000
  4. WiP2500

It is likely to go on sale in April (price – $ 175 approx). Wi3 guarantees all the products to be free of defect for 1 year from date of purchase.

WiPNET uses MoCA technology which makes sure that no outside signals or noise interferes with your cable modem or interactive TV. The device consists of 2 pieces (Sleeve and cartridge). Sleeve stays in the wall and contains the local chips that layer the Ethernet over the coax.

Te cartridge provides the interface to different technologies. There’s a version that has an integrated wireless antenna in the cartridge which gives full access to multiple locations in a home.

Wi3’s WiPNET was included in 2012 Innovations Honorees list at CES. To some point it has proved to be true revolution in home networking technology.