Many Security Bugs Fixed in Apple TV, iOS 5, Safari And Mac OSX Lion Update

Apple finally got to know that, all of their products were open for potential attack and released the series of patches and updates to almost all of its products after recently released patch for iTunes. The product lines includes Safari Browser version 5.1.1, Apple TV Version 4.4, Numbers for iOS 1.5, Pages for iOS v1.5, iOS 5 and Mac OS X LION 10.7.2 has got the patches with some improvements in performance and security.

First of all, the previous version of Apple TV was affected of the rogue DigiNotar certificates, while man in-the-middle-attacks and protecting against malicious code execution. The previous version of iOS also had the problems in Data Security, CoreFoundation, CFNetwork, CalDev and Calendar.

Hackers could have access customer credentials easily because of the logs, which should not have existed, script injection problems and memory corruption in few areas. They could have reset any device and access the resources when the kernel failed to reclaim memory correctly from the incomplete TCP connectivity.

Mac OSX Lion Operating System was suffering from iChat server flaws, file system, Apache Server and Firewall flaws. This could have caused for many hacks into the system. Problem in IOGraphics also lead to access the system bypassing the screen lock.

The update to Apple Safari browser fixes 43 bugs, in those holes, few of them could have execute arbitrary Javascript which hides in the Safari extensions. Vulnerabilities related to SSL Certificate are fixed and document cross-origin error also patched, which could have led to attack via cross scripting.

Memory corruption problem via malicious Microsoft Word files are solved as the new Page editions fixes the problem. Malicious Excel sheets were the problem before, which also solved by introducing the updates and improvements for Numbers in iOS.

Be ready to update all your Apple devices to latest patches, which will increase the security of your devices. Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more update on Apple and its devices. What is your opinion on the latest move by Apple? Will this keep iOS alive in front of Android Movement?

Source:  Apple.