Should you sell your iPad 2 for the New iPad?

‘The New iPad’, Apple’s another eye catching device has just showed its face into the market. The only company to be considered while buying tablet, Apple has already created its own identity into the tablet market. ‘The New iPad’ has been undoubtedly the most anticipated device of this year, but what if you already own iPad 2? Are you planning to sell it? If yes, think one more time.


The New iPad comes with dual-core ‘A5X’ CPU which has a much better graphics processing unit as it is designed with quad-core architecture. The new GPU is twice as powerful as iPad 2 and four times as powerful as the all new Nvidia Tegra 3. That surely means you will get better gaming benchmarks and results on The Next iPad as compared to iPad 2.

So if you make use of your iPad basically for gaming, I will recommend you to upgrade to The Next iPad.


Introduction of Retina Display into The New iPad has multiplied the existing iPad 2 resolution two times. Along with this Pages app, Keynote app and Numbers app has been already updated to support Retina display. If you rely on any of the third party apps for productivity work you wont get the same retina crisp until the app is updated.

Upgrading to The New iPad for productivity is not necessary as playing with words doesn’t need the retina display unless you are adding any high resolution image.


The New iPad features 5MP iSight camera on the rear side for photography and video recording. This camera has same hardware setup like iPhone 4S which in turn give best photos.  Also alongside, it supports 1080p video recording. As compared, iPad 2 completely sucks in still photography department but photo editing is a crisp.

So The New iPad is must buy if you use iPad as an alternative photography and photo editing device.

Internet Surfing

The New iPad comes with blazing fast 4G LTE support which is much faster as compared to 3G. This makes Internet surfing experience as never before. The cherry on the cake is the high resolution retina display which makes high quality content go live. 4G LTE for iPad works only with selected carriers and  in selected countries, since most of the countries still lack 4G LTE service, getting the third generation iPad in such countries is no good idea.

In this case iPad 2 still does the work, no need of getting The New iPad.

Reading Books

Although iBooks app for iPad has been updated to support Retina Display, experience of reading books still remain the same on the third generation iPad. As the words and alphabets still look same on both the devices for our naked eyes.

iPad 2 is still better to be used to read books, rather getting an The New iPad.


The retina display makes it way beyond the HDTV resolution that’s 1920×1080. As of today there are very few/no movies or videos that go beyond the 1080p resolution. So that’s 1080p videos which you will sync on the third iPad, these videos will look nearly same on iPad 2 also. Listening music has nothing to do with the revamped hardware of The New iPad.

iPad 2 wins in the entertainment department too. So you shouldn’t be selling your iPad 2 if you are just going to use it for entertainment purpose.


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