Now sell your products for Facebook posts or Twitter tweets with Estago

Are you a free programmer, author or any other person who provides task for free? If yes, it is time to sell them, not for the money, but for Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. Your free products can gain popularity via social networks now. People would pay you with their social post for your good task. Be it a eBook, mp3 track or any other file that interests the user, you can sell it with Estago.

Estago is free online service that lets you sell your products via a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet. What you need to is simply visit the website and click on generate button. Without much delay and glitches the website creates your “Pay with Facebook or Twitter” button.


  1. A user pays you with a societal post, it makes the post popular among some people and then those people pay you for your product and it becomes more prevalent. By this method your product can get lots of hits, downloads, comments.
  2. An easy and simple form to create your button, no log-in process at all.
  3. Button can be placed anywhere on your Website with HTML code.
  4. Different button sizes available.
  5. After downloading, redirects to your website.
  6. Custom Facebook/Twitter text.
  7. Fully compatible with Twitter
  8. More features available in premium service


  1. Advertisement on your download page.
  2. No option for uploading files, user can track backlinks of downloads

Compared to pros there are few cons of this free service. This would be a smart idea to sell your products for a social post for free as it will increase hits and traffic to your site.


A Facebook post or a Twitter tweet is a very less amount for a user to pay for your hard work, in return it helps you to gain more popularity, more downloads, more hits and inspiration to work more!

Click here to go to Estago.