Sell Your Used iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch At Amazon Trade-in

Amazon has initiated a new service which is still in Beta testing called Electronic Trade-In. This will function similarly to Amazon’s Movies and TV, Textbooks, and Video Games Trade-In sites. Not every electronic gadget under the sun is tradable. You must select from Amazon’s relatively small (yet ever increasing) list of acceptable tech. The current list does include most popular current tech gadgets from cell phones to tablets and even calculators.

Amazon has added some new devices to its Electronics Trade-In program, including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. In this Trade-In Program, Amazon allows you to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for sending in your unwanted electronics. This could be a viable alternative if you decide you want to cash in on an iPhone or iPad prior to upgrading and really don’t want to afford the shark infested waters of eBay or Craigslist.

Amazon is currently offering prices of up to $235 for an iPhone 3GS 32GB model, $69 for an original iPhone 4GB model, and $398 for an iPhone 4 32GB model. A first generation 16GB Wi-Fi model iPad is offered at $235 and a 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G model iPad priced up to $433. This is just a sample and all models seem to be covered; even the iPad 2. All devices must be in full working order and in good cosmetic condition.

How Amazon Trade-in works:

  • Browse the Amazon site for the electronic device you’d wish to sell and select “Trade in.
  • You’re then taken to a shopping cart-like page, which allows you to select the condition of the device. Hovering over each condition (Like New, Good, and Acceptable) will give you a detailed description of what Amazon considers that to mean.
  • If you’re a modest person who happens to undervalue their tech, if Amazon receives something that they believe is in better condition than was marked, they will give you the value for the higher condition.
  • Once you confirm the item you want to sell, and then you will be taken to the shipping screen where you can select the carrier you would like to ship with as well as input shipping information. Amazon will provide you a free shipping label you can print and attach to your package.
  • You must then mail out the package to Amazon within 7 days of receiving the shipping label.
  • Once Amazon receives your shipment and verifies the package, your account will be credited with an Amazon gift card equal to the value it is worth.

This seems like a good alternative to get rid of your unwanted iOS devices in a safe and responsible way. A third-party merchant, not Amazon, is actually the one buying the used devices. Amazon’s this trade-in program might compete with eBay and Craigslist for sure.

Let’s wait and watch, how this new Amazon program can attract users, especially iOS users.