How to set up a wireless network on your computer

Wireless network signifies a type of network that is not linked by wires of any kind. It uses air as a medium (radio waves) and permits you to access Internet service without wiring your computer to a modem. The network offers mobility, a main feature because of adaptive modulation, information compression, digital modulation and access multiplexing.

Different types of wireless networks are:

  1. Wireless LAN(Local Area Network)
  2. Wireless MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
  3. Mobile devices network

The above two networks unifies two or more computers by means of communication and eliminates any use of cables for the purpose. Read on and learn the tips how to set up wireless network for sending mails and messages while relaxing on your terrace.

wireless network set up

  • Get an Internet service provider

Many companies provide Internet service at attractive schemes and for a minimal monthly fee. A device called as ‘modem’ will be gifted that transmits signals to empower and underpin wireless connection. The device is available at any computer stores and leading retailers if your broadband service provider runs out of it. Plug the modem to the router and connect the cable to the modem.

  • Board the device

Connect modem and router through a cable and switch on your computer. Check the light on both units (modem and router), they will turn green.

  • Connect the network

The computer automatically locates the Internet signal. If you are accessing wireless network for the first time, your computer will urge you to join the network first. Side bar, at the bottom of right hand side will allow you to view all available networks once you click on it. Search for your network and click on connect. The following step will direct you to a window where you can modify your Wi-Fi connection. For instance, you can choose a password to limit the network usage by others.


wireless connection

  • Begin browsing

Once done with the above mentioned protocols begin browsing. Install some parental control software on your computer to avert misuse of the connection.

Check your cable connections thoroughly if you are unable to establish the wireless connection or verify with the broadband service provider for a signal. Reconfigure the settings to get the best available signal.