How To Setup Google Sync On Your iPhone in 8 Easy Steps

Google Sync is a service from Google that provides you air synchronization of Gmail, Google Contacts, and Calendar with your mobile device.  As you switch your iPhone it is synced to your new device. Google Sync is a two-way service. Changes made on one device will be backed up to your Google Account. All other devices sharing that same Google account will be automatically synced as well. Data is securely stored even if you lose your Smartphone.

Google Sync requires Apple iPhone with at least firmware version of 2.2 or higher. So, upgrade it if you don’t have the version of 2.2 or more. Most of you might have the latest firmware only!

Steps to Setup Google Sync On your iPhone:

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone`s menu.
  2. Once you enter settings, scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. In Mail settings, tap Add Account.
  4. Then you have to tap on Microsoft Exchange (Do not tap on Gmail as we are not setting up any mail account here).
  5. Now it is time to enter your account information. In the Email field, enter whatever you wish. In the User name and password fields, enter your Gmail address and your password.
  6. Then tap next. In the next menu, you will be asked for the server. Enter in the server field and tap next.
  7. Then a page comes asking what you would like to sync comes up. You will turn off mails and turn on contacts and calendar. Then you have to tap on done.
  8. You will now be given some pages of confirmations because this is the point of no return once confirmed you cannot change anything. Your contacts and calendar will now be deleted from the phone and replaced with contacts from your Gmail. Click Sync on each page and your work is done.

Now if you see any message above or under the info tab on iTunes when you have connected your phone, you have set it up correctly. Your contacts and Calendar are now synced with Gmail. Whenever you edit any contact on your phone or Gmail, it will be automatically updated on the other device or phone as well.