Share files between your Android phone and Windows computer using wireless technology

Android is an operating system that supports innumerable SmartPhone applications. One can choose and download the desired applications from Android market, an online software store.

Android OS also permits you to share its files with a Windows computer using your local wireless network. However to do this, you must install ‘SwiFTP’- a FTP Server on your Android phone.


 SwiFTP is an open source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server that enables you to connect your phone to wireless network and upload or download various files.

To access the Android phone on your computer map a network drive- a folder located on every remote computer and set up with the intent to enable sharing over LAN.

After connecting your Windows computer and Android phone to the same Wireless network follow these elementary steps’

Step1- Download the ‘SwiFTP Server’ from ‘Android Market’ and install it on your computer.

Step2- Supply the required information (Username and Password), change the port number if you are unable to access the phone from your computer and click on the ‘Save’ button.(Note- At this stage you will notice an address in the URL field which will prompt you to  stop the application if you are not running it.)

URL address

username and password

Step3- Run the application by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. Navigate the cursor to ‘Computer’ icon, right click on it and select ‘Map network Drive’ from the available options.


Step4- Click on the link ‘Connect to a Website that you can use to store your documents and pictures’.

network drive

This will open up the ‘Add Network Location’ wizard. Simply click on the ‘Next’ button to run the wizard.

Step5- Select ‘Choose a custom network location’ option when prompted with ‘Where do you want to create this network location’ query.

network location

Step6- Enter the address (same as step2) in the URL and tap the ‘Next’ button.

Do not tick in the ‘Log on anonymously’ check-box when prompted with the following statement- ‘Most FTP servers all users to log on anonymously with limited access to the server. Do you want to log on anonymously?

check box

Step7- Specify the Username and Password mentioned earlier in the SwiFTP settings and click on ‘Next’.

Step8- Give a suitable name to the network location and tap the ‘Next’ button.

Step9- Tick in the check box- ‘Open this network location when I click finish’.  You will get the notification ‘You have successfully created this network location’, click on ‘Finish’ once you view this notification.

finish option

Step10– A ‘Log On As’ window will now pop-up on screen after completing the above step, enter the Username and Password (same as in step2) and tap the ‘Log On’ button.


Step11- Check contents of the Android phone. You are now ready to share files between your Windows computer and Android phone.

To access your android phone from the computer click on ‘Computer’ icon twice and check for the mapped network drive icon under ‘Network Location’.