How to Share Samsung Galaxy Tab files with another Bluetooth enabled device

Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch tablet computer produced by Samsung which is powered by an Android OS (Operating system) and some highly packed features.

Though it is 3G enabled, you can connect it to Wi-Fi network manually or from the available networks visible on your Galaxy Tab.

Here is a guide that will help you to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a new Wi-Fi network.

  • At the bottom of the tablet screen you will find 4 buttons- Menu, Home, Back and Search. Tap the ‘Menu’ button and choose ‘Settings’.


  • Select ‘Wireless and network’ available under ‘Settings’ menu and navigate to ‘Wi-Fi settings’ that enables you to set up and manage WAPs.


  • Tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ option of Wi-Fi settings to turn on the radio receiver. You will now get an indication in the status bar after the radio receiver (wireless) is turned on.


  • Look for the available wireless network under ‘Wi-Fi networks’ section. Once located, tap on it to connect.

Most wireless networks enable only secure connections to avert hacking and other wrongdoings. Enter the ‘security key’ to share the wireless network.

  • After completing the above step you will now notice the enabled network along with its status (connected) on the screen of your tablet.

You are ready to browse the internet now and download some stuff if you wish to.

You can also transfer the same downloaded stuff to other Bluetooth enabled devices too. This is how you can do it,

Step1- Press the ‘Menu’ button of your tablet and choose ‘Settings’. Under the Settings section, tap on ‘Wireless and Networks’ option.

wireless and network

Step2- Choose ‘Bluetooth Settings’ from Wireless and Networks and turn on the Bluetooth by tapping on ‘Bluetooth’ and then ‘Scan devices’. Your Galaxy tablet will now locate all the Bluetooth enabled devices in its backyard.

scan devices

Step3- Tap on the desired device once located and hit the ‘Accept’ button gently when prompted with the following statement- ‘Bluetooth pairing request confirmation’. (Note- The cited action will be enabled directly if you already have a pairing password else, you will have to use 1234/0000 as Bluetooth pairing pin.)


Hold the next step until your desired Bluetooth enabled device displays the ‘Paired’ option.

Step4- Now, to transfer a file to the desired device press the ‘Home’ button and select ‘Applications’. Navigate to the ‘Gallery’, choose the file to be transferred and press the ‘Menu’ button. Under the menu section tap on ‘Share’ first and then on ‘Bluetooth’.

Select the device that is already paired and tap on ‘OK’ to transfer the file. Thus, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a Wi-Fi network, download files and share them with another Bluetooth enabled device.