Share Things Directly From Search Results Using Google Plus

Last week as a part of its updates, Google announced that it would be integrating Google Plus into its search engine to provide more personalized results; a move which was criticized by many company like Twitter. Now moving one step ahead, Google has added extra capabilities to its social networking site Google+ which will allow users to share the search results directly from results page. This means, users can start conversation right from search result page on Google+ making it lot easier for Googlers to join current trends or topics.

For example, if you search the term “railway station” and then you want to put a status about how a particular station was crowded, you can start or join the conversation right from there. You can join that conversation even without moving onto another page using a share box which will now appear below the search result.


This new search capability will also add your search term to the post you have shared and thus if someone else searches the same search term, they will be able to see your post including their search term. Any user viewing your post in their search result will be able to search the term by clicking on it and see all active discussions and join them if he/she wishes.

Although Google launched Google+ service to counter Facebook, its search capability was surprisingly weak. While it provided a tool to search ongoing topics under the name Sparks, it lacked many important features, though Google later in September enhanced the search tool properly.

All these moves including Google+ and Google search are a part of company’s project called “Search plus your world” which is a big move from Google to integrate social media into its core search engine.