GrabInbox: Share Web Pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn at the Right Time

Facebook, Twitter are the best social network sites which didn’t loose their popularity even arrival of new social networks. When I come across an interesting website or webpage I can’t wait to share them on my Social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Some webpages have good content but they lack in including plugins to spread the links of the article to popular social network sites. So, at these situations there is Chrome extension which shares your favorite webpage or website to your popular social networks.

GrabInbox is the extension for Google Chrome web browser which shares your favorite webpage to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts at the right time.

After installation of the this extension an icon of this extension is shown at the top right corner of the web browser. This extension have two options to share a webpage to social network accounts, one Post Now which shares the page immediately to the Social Network sites and other one Just Later which schedules the post to post later.Before sharing a webpage you need to login to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Then hit this extensions icon when you come across a webpage to share to your Social networks accounts and at the top of the box choose your Social network accounts to share the webpage, later either hit Post Now or Just Later buttons at the end.

One cool feature which is also included in this extension is that you can share your favorite webpages to your Facebook pages but you need to login before sharing webpage to Facebook Page.


  1. Thank you so much for profiling our plugin here. We’re obsessed with speed and the next version of the plugin (due in a day or two) will make the plugin 2x faster than it already is. I believe sharing web pages should be easy and fast and we’re going to build just the right tool for that.

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