5 Best Shooting Games for Android Phones

There are many games included in the Android Market, which are sufficient to kill your boredom time and make you feel something cool and exciting. There are certain cool games from the Android which are well featured and are of high pixel form which you will love it when you play. The Android Games are making higher related configuration games which are described as follows:


This is one of the game which has been featured through Android, and is mostly played these days. This game makes you analyze how skilled and professionalized you are in shooting down your enemies which are flying across you in smaller forms or larger groups. You just need to be safe, prevent yourself being hurt as it might cost you a life.


This game makes you play all around shooting with a group of people assigned in your team. The group need to search out the enemies; they might be hiding at certain spots or small locations nearby to you. So just search them, attack at them as you find the men, but take precaution while they might also search you before you look for them. Attack and make sure your team wins and removes the entire enemy within the place or any other suburbs.


This game makes you enact as a pilot and ensures how good a pilot you are, when enemies are flying across at you. It is purely dependent on how you run the fighter plane and other jet fighter to kill the entire enemies fighter. Your job is to finish off the enemies which are flying across you, after finishing, you would get new missions and accomplishments in terms of shoots and other things you gained during the encounter.


This game enables you to analyze skills of shooting and how you aim at the object. The object here is the bird and it is flying, you need to aim at her body, and kill her. The more you kill, the more you gain the points, but if somehow the bird escapes, you need to pay penalty of losing a life from your total life counts.


This is a game based upon killing the terrorist which has attacked a train and hostage the people who were traveling in it. Your work will be that you are brilliant being an anti-terrorist, you need to analyze your skill and rescue those who are inside unsafe. Losing life can make you hurt a little but try to finish because other venues are there even to track of.