Should future PC’s get influenced by Tablet designs?

There are lots of arguments being put forward that the new PC designs should get influenced by tablets like the iPad. I too feel that its the right approach today, because people prefer sleek and smart machines. Gone are the days when people wished to have PC like mobiles. Now people are looking for PCs which are like the Tabloids. There are many reasons for a PC to get influenced by a Tabloid like Apple iPad.

Lets see a few :

Flash Memory: The iPad promotes development of applications based on flash memory to a great extent.  Look at the following pictures of internals of MacBook 2010 Air and iPad 2 respectively and compare presence of larger magnetic hard disk drives in the two.

MAC Book Air

After the Apple iPad came into being, many renowned flash memory driver makers like SanDisk, Micron, Intel are even looking to develop denser flash memory drives.

Apple iPad2

Processor: With the development of technology, small but powerful ARM chips are found to be in use much more. In fact, designs of machines like Apple A 5 has already adopted many features of PC processors. Developers are even looking to apply this in smartphones too. So processors are even sleeker now.

Smart Look: Look at the picture of Apple iPad 1 below and tell me, isn’t it mesmerizing? The design is absolutely sleek and appealing. Aesthetical influence of it on PCs’ design these days is sure to increase customers’ demand, as visually  appealing products are always preferred.

Apple iPad 1

All I want to say is that one product or system can’t keep itself confined to a particular audience base. Today, all are looking for something new and market competition doesn’t allow any system to remain untouched. Cross breeds develop naturally. No one can stop that. There is nothing wrong in adopting other’s techniques and yet maintaining originality, in my opinion.