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Everyone wants to be known! And on the Internet, one of the best ways is to make a blog and there is generally an About me page in it. But not all have the patience and free time to write their blog daily and then worry about web traffic!

There is a service called About.Me that takes all the unnecessary tension away. It basically allows you to create a page that tells all about you. Everything ranging from your education details to the person you love! And all is created in a page like ‘’ Way better than a ‘’!

And believe me or not, this isn’t just a simple HTML document. The page integrates well with 2o great services, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress….. All these profiles of yours show on the page and the application syncs with them. For example, it can show your latest posts on your blogs, latest status updates on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Songs and Artists on and so on….

Although the application is quite simple, lets have a small tutorial! We’re going to create a profile for our sister site, The Windows Club.

1. Go to

2. Sign up for an account. It is absolutely free.

3. Enter the basic information, add tags and leave the two boxes  checked.

4. Now you enter the editing screen. Upload background images, profile pictures and configure all the services from this screen. It follows a WYSIWYG approach to the page. Use your creativity and you can create wonders!

5. When you’re done, you may share the page or just leave it for others to see!

Another point of note is that the page is really SEO friendly! Now when someone asks you, ‘Who are You?’ just redirect him to! Easy as pie!

If you are really creative and feel proud of your profile, share it here as a comment!

Visit mine!

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