Shutter: A feature laden Screenshot program for Linux

I’m serious, screenshots are more than PrtScrn, Ctrl+V! Sometimes it does make sense to have a powerful program that takes screenshots for you in a jiffy. I’m not opposed to PrtScrn method, but I wholeheartedly support this gem called Shutter for Linux. For software reviewers like me, this software works wonders and is a boon for regular users too!

A 10Mb download including dependencies on my PC, the program feels quick and fast. First Run takes a bit of time for loading plug-ins but thereafter its all a breeze.

The interface is really simple with buttons on top and menus with easy options above the buttons. In the center is the image manipulation area. There are options to capture desktop, workspaces (Virtual Desktops in Linux), selected area and websites! The menu capture is also awesome. It can also capture panels!

Screenshot Capture Software for Linux

The first 3 features are quite easy and can be used by anyone. Lets try the last 3!

Website Capture

Didn’t work on my PC in version 0.87 but it worked after updating to latest version 0.87.3

Menu Capture

Works as expected. The 10 second timer is really cool!Shutter Screenshot Linux

Panel Capture

Not a dedicated option but if you capture section of window and then select the panel, the screenshot is taken easilyShutter Screenshot Linux

The application has a nice image editing tool, about as powerful as MS-Paint, but with some screenshot friendly features within. The application starts storing screenshots as a gallery, where you can edit, rename and even share them on ImageShack.Images are saved in PNG by default but it can be done with JPG and BMP too.

All things taken into consideration, this program just needs to be in your PC. Get it from here!