Simsimi: An Interactive Chatting App!

SimSimi is a newly developed popular application for iPhones, iPads and Android cellphones which enable users to chat interactively through an advance chatting robot that uses Artificial Intelligence to respond the user cheerfully. This was first released on 2002 by ISMaker for smartphones.

Although it received both, positive and negative feedbacks from smartphone users in Thailand due to profanity and criticisms, SimSimi has now developed a web app for the users who does not use Android or SmartPhones.

The SimSimi application is one of the best ways of finding leisure around the net; it uses a knowledge-based conversation from 2.7 million users around the globe. When a user sends a message to the SimSimi app, it responds automatically by scanning related conversations from its giant database, spitting-out hilarious relevant response.

I tried using the SimSimi Web App version just recently and all I can say is that it is “Excellent!.” You can directly use this app as long as you are online or as long as you have internet connection. No registration required. However, there is no great guarantee if this application is safe for accessing your personal information on Facebook, Twitter or any other.

How to use SimSimi web app?

Once you are connected to the internet, SimSimi web app will automatically direct you to the application. Next, follow these quick steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Once opened, click “Talk” and you will be prompted to read the guidelines of using the app.
  3. Click on “Agree” button.
  4. Start chatting.

SimSimi uses different vocabulary in different languages from the users. If SimSimi does not understand your message it will simply say “I have no response”. SimSimi is open for tutorial also by your own words; it is like human that wants to learn, you can teach SimSimi what to reply if the previous message is found unfamiliar.

To teach SimSimi your own words, click on the buttons above the chat box that has question mark (?) Input your message and the respond to the boxes that will open. Click “teach” to tell SimSimi the new message. By clicking, a window will open and will ask you to access your facebook account to verify your tutorial to SimSimi.

SimSimi for Android

Last March, the Android users received an update from the SimSimi developers offering them to use the application with a new cartoon style user interface that will automatically access the app using Facebook account.

For those Android users running Android 2.1 and above versions that does not have SimSimi app yet for their own device, download the free app by using Google Play.

SimSimi for iPhones

The SimSimi application for iPhones is similar to Siri Software of the iPhone 4s, and often described as analogous to its conversation features. However, there is much difference between the two, like voice recognition, agent functions, and the sources of response data.

The application is available on the AppStore now.