‘Siri’ is Made to Run on iPhone 4 also

‘Siri’ a voice command system exclusively for ‘iPhone 4S’ is finally ported on the old iPhone 4. This voice command system allows the user to communicate with the phone using general talks. Siri is so developed that it actually understands what user wants to say and executes most of the commands that user has defined. Check out the video after a break,

Look interesting, right? The only bad thing about this is, Siri can run only on iPhone 4S and not on any of the previous devices so far. Not even iPhone 4.

Hackers however succeeded in porting the Siri voice commanding system on iPhone 4. 9to5Mac’s developer has finally made it possible where Siri runs on iPhone 4. Check out the video,

Yes, it runs but iPhone lags and its clear from the video. After porting the Siri to iPhone 4 the animations have started lagging and cannot even open the home screen smoothly. No, its not the problem with the porting, Siri has been perfectly ported on iPhone 4 the problem is with the GPU Driver.

According to 9to5Mac there is no problem with iPhone 4 hardware as the A4 chip is powerful enough to handle Siri operations. And there’s no idea why Apple didn’t bring Siri to last year’s devices (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G) as both of them run on same A4 chip.

That’s may be due to special microphone support on iPhone 4S or better GPU of the device. Since they were successful in porting Siri we can say there is no issue with the software. To make Siri’s experience better on older devices 9to5Mac is working with Troughton-Smith who actually made porting’s first step possible.

However I’m expecting Apple to bring Siri on older devices (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G) officially through a software update to iOS 5.