SkyDrive for iOS out now – Supports iPhone and iPad

The very popular cloud service from Microsoft named “SkyDrive” is out for iOS devices supporting iPhone as well as iPad. SkyDrive is already one of the popular cloud storage service offering 25GB of free storage with 100MB per file limit and that too without paying a penny, Yes, its free!


SkyDrive is well compatible with iPhone and iPad but it isn’t iPad-optimized which is expected to be released soon. Microsoft already offer SkyDrive services on Windows/Mac, on Android using third party client, on Windows Phone 7 which is integral part of it and now finally on iOS, widening its usability.

SkyDrive allows uploading and storing of photos, files and documents up to 25GB from your supported devices, iPhone now included in the list. SkyDrive for iPhone provides the following features,

  • Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you
  • View recently used documents
  • Upload photos or videos from your phone
  • Share a link to any file using email
  • Create folders. Delete files or folders

Some better features of SkyDrive are its ability to stream stored songs directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Microsoft recently released OneNote for iOS this makes it possible to directly check and edit your OneNote documents within the SkyDrive app.

However SkyDrive for iPhone doesn’t provide all the features. There is no official Microsoft Office app for iOS yet and that’s why you cannot edit Office documents within the app. This app for iOS doesn’t allow uploading of any third party application file, so all you can upload is photos and videos from your iPhone.

SkyDrive services are FREE and so the iPhone app. You can download SkyDrive for iOS from the App Store and install it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Apple’s iCloud services gets a new competitor and that is SkyDrive. iCloud provides only 5GB of free space and for additional space you have to pay yearly rents. Another alternative for iCloud is Dropbox for iPhone, a cloud service that offers 10GB of free space with extra rents for additional space and with better features.