Skype for iPad app coming this Tuesday

We have a good news for all iPad users, finally Skype for iPad is arriving tomorrow in Apple App Store. A video advertisement has been posted by Skype on their official YouTube channel, for few minutes it was publicly view able but later on they set it to private but those few minutes were more than enough for Tech Savvy bloggers to download it.

skype for iPad

It was first noticed by the Razorianfly and later on, the news spreads like fire in the jungle. The Skype for iPad app is not yet available on App Store to download but Cnet has confirmed that it will be available to download for free from this Tuesday onward.

There is no doubt that it is one of the most awaited app for the iPad users. Now they can enjoy free video chatting easily with their Skype contacts. This App works with both iPad first generation and second generation but for iPad 1, you need to connect the external camera to enjoy video chatting.