SM player: a feature loaded video player for Linux

Movie trailers are what gives us a glimpse of the upcoming movie and there are also some hilarious videos that don’t miss to amuse us. So, a better video player to play them all would be required. Though SM player won’t win the title of “Best Player” around but still is our favorite because of its easy to use interface and sheer number of features.

Features –

  • Can play many video formats without the need of codecs.
  • Apply suitable setting to subtitle such as font size etc.
  • Video equalizer lets you adjust video settings such as brightness etc.
  • Search for subtitles automatically from

SM player is a good GUI enabled player because of the sheer number of features. You can watch the video the way you want. You can tweak anything let it be video equalizer or advanced filters, to get the best viewing experience. There are advance settings located in preference menu to enhance your viewing. And you can also create video playlist if you want your videos to play one after the other.

The best part of the SM player is it memorizing power. It will remember every setting of the each  individual file you played, let it be brightness, adding a deinterlace filter, or viewing it with customized subtitles. And it also has the power to resume the video from the part where you left off. You can do this on others players too but its a bit hard working task.

SM player’s interface is though easy to use, but isn’t the sexiest of all. And also the settings in the preference menu may confuse a beginner. DVD playback is also a big drawback, as it has issues with DVD menu. Better go with VLC if you want to play DVD videos.

VLC being the most obvious choice of Linux users felt short for SM player in tweaking the settings of video which SM player has problems with DVD menu. Not being partial, we would recommend you to have both the player in your system. SM player to tweak video setting and VLC as your back up player, in case SM player betrays you.