Smartphones Beat Computers Over Facebook Login

There’s nothing stopping Facebook and the statistics are quite astonishing. Its user base has crossed 900 Million and user experience is being revised very often. Timeline, groups, pages and photo gallery all have got a new look now. Also the Facebook’s campaign towards mobile devices has proved very effective. Almost every mobile device has social media integration or support for Facebook login.

Previously, Facebook had been driven by people playing social games mostly on desktop PCs. Well, things have changed! A new study by digital research company ComScore says Smartphone users are spending a lot of time browsing social networks on their phones and Facebook login seems to be their network of choice.  Now an average Facebook user in USA spends more than seven hours browsing Facebook. That count is more than a person using desktop PC for Facebook.

These long hours from an average users means, Facebook is in firm control over its users. As of now, except the Timeline there is nothing to blame on Facebook. ComScore uses Mobile Metrix 2.0 reporting to calculate audience sizes across app and browser usage, providing a comprehensive view of the complete media brand reach on mobile devices.

Source: ComScore

However there are many more conclusions ComScore made in their report and here they are:

1) Google ranks top in being accessed from mobiles such as iOS, Android and RIM with 94 Million users which comprises of 96 percent of total mobile users.

2) System apps topped the list for both iOS and Android, with Apple iTunes reaching nearly the entire iPhone app audience in March while 93.2 percent of Android users visited the Android app market.

On other hand, Google also bags some high stats, Google Search ranked as the second largest app by Android audience size reaching 44.9 million users (84.1 percent reach). Google Maps led as the top map app on both platforms reaching 91.2 percent of iPhone users and 74.5 percent of Android users.

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You can check out the complete report from ComScore.

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