SMELLIT Aroma Devices – The Fourth Dimension to Digital Media

Imagine that you can smell each dimension of action that is taking place on your TV or movie screen! Now, don’t dare to disbelieve it, just SMELLIT.

French company Olf-action has raised curtains from a new Aroma Device called, SMELLIT, to make you smell each odor of digital entertainment. Remembering that Olf-action has already developed a smell synchronization system named, Odoravision, for movie theaters, it seems that Smellit is going to be another surprise for all and one day it could be a device that you might die for.


SMELLIT comprises of a combination of odors and fragrances. It releases the right fragrance synchronized with the on screen action so that onlookers not only see or hear but they can also smell the action. Similar gadgets have been tried on previous occasions too but all efforts failed as people usually don’t bother to smell on screen actions. The concept seems wired to many.


The company is promoting Smellit with picture of Kratos [above image] that suggests that it might be all about the odor of blood and death. Market insiders are hoping that it would be all about violence and all. They are expecting it to emit some gentle and attractive fragrances too otherwise; Smellit could be a one way traffic. Makers of Smellit should remember that people don’t like to smell gunpowder all the time.


Well, I suppose many have already experienced the Smellit at the ongoing Lisbon Design Show in Portugal. Talking about future of this device, I am, personally, not convinced with the whole concept. The idea seems somewhat unreal but who knows the future? Smellit can prove its critics wrong and comes out as a winner. On a serious note, the way the digital media world is advancing, there would be no surprise if our favorite stars soon need help of SMELLIT to stay in competition.


Here is the full list of aromas to be initially supported by these devices –

aroma list

Now, let’s check out some other aspects of this SMELLIT concept.


  • Adding a fourth dimension to digital media experience
  • Perfect for online gaming
  • Olf-action’s experience with the concept


  • People hesitant about the concept
  • Presence of hard odors only
  • Failure of similar devices

Price for SMELLIT

Not declared for any devices yet.