How SMS Messaging is Changing the World [Infographics]

In today’s world, mobile has been of the most addicted gadget which everyone likes to stay connected with. However, one of the feature with which people are so much addicted these days in Mobile is SMS (Short Message Service).

SMS consist of a simple talk which consist of a straight forward message acting as a one to one communication. Although SMS is one of the most simplest form of talking because of a reason that people have just two options i.e. Sending and Receiving, that makes the perfect form of communication.

Anyone is today’s world is completely aware of sending and receiving SMS. So here we bring you the best infographic from MBA Online on “How actually SMS is changing the world”. Whit this you will also get to know a fact about number of people having Mobile without Electricity making it to be the most amazing fact i have ever seen.

How SMS Messaging is Changing the World [Infographics]


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