Social Folder: A Centralized Folder for all Your Cloud Services

These days, most of us preserve our files on the cloud through various cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, Flicker and many more. Cloud storage services are really very safe to keep backup of all your files when the system crashes.

You can share the images with the your friends on the Facebook, Twitter and Flicker websites. But when you are tagged in one of the photos of your friend on Facebook then it could be difficult to download the tagged image and upload it to other image service like Flicker. You can escape from all these hassle if you use Social Folder service.

Social Folder is a dynamic web application which creates a centralized folder for all of your cloud storage services.This web application has a desktop application which creates the centralized folder for all you cloud services like Dropbox, Flicker, Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube, Box, Picasa, SmugMug, Photobucket and Instagram.

After navigating to this website first you need to download the desktop software of this web app based on your OS preferences, then install the software in your system. I have tested it for the Windows 7 operating system.

Then after installing the Social Folder application, an icon of this software sits in the system tray and a folder named SocialFolers is created in the Favorites section of the Windows 7. It is a central folder for all your cloud services where the synced photos and documents reside there.

Social Folder


If you want to upload an image from the your Facebook to the Flicker accounts, it can be done with ease. Just copy the image that you want to upload from the Facebook folder and paste it in the Flicker folder, later the upload process is done in the background without any hassle. But make sure that you have connected to both the accounts with the Social Folder.

Social Folder2


You can connect only three services out of 11 services offered to Social Folder at the present and if you want to connect to more than three services to the Social Folder then you have to upgrade your plan to premium which is available for the $2 per month and other plan for $9 per year. If you like this service and you are not that much sound to upgrade your plan from the Free to premium plan then you can make your friends join Social Folder by referring them through a customized link.

Conclusion: One thing which created interest in me on this service is that you can connect the Google Docs account to Social Folder and you can upload the documents to Google Docs which you have created offline. Also if you want to upload the video to the YouTube then it is a pain to show patience to upload the video to the YouTube. With this service, you have to just put the video in the YouTube folder of the Social Folder and  the upload process will complete in the background.