Social Media for Doctors and Physicians

Doctors and health professionals have been using social media frequently these days. Like any other profession based community they are also using it as a tool to express their views and stay connected with the mass in large scale.

A survey conducted by the Manhattan Research revealed that as many as 88% health professionals are using social media. In fact, it seems that they are prepared to give health tips to people via social networking sites.

Recent trend of use of social media by doctors:

Knowledge Sharing Websites.

Some social media sites such as Sermo, SocialIMD etc have offered secured scopes to health professionals sharing their views and suggestions via social networking.

Utility Enhancement of Pharma Customer Portals: All leading pharma companies have dedicated customer service portals where physicians can do anything- from talking to company representatives to providing info for patients.

Online Availability of Medical Journals: Today, medical journals are moving online and providing interactive platforms for doctors so that they can associate with contents of these journals.

Increasing Demand for Web Tools: With the increasing number of doctors using advanced smartphones, iPads and iPhones, easy web tools have become high on demand. Nowadays, physicians share their professional experiences instantly via social media using these simple tools.


This is perhaps the most useful way to keep in touch all the time. Leading doctors operate blogs like As a result of it non- medical people can talk to professionals in non-technical language. This really works because people get the chance to speak their minds to the doctors through blogs.

Common people get easy access to physicians through social media and it helps them to understand this noble profession in a better manner. The human angel comes out of top professional physicians also via social networking. This is good for the society.

However a recent case of a Rhode Island physician fired and fined for violating HIPAA regulations on her personal Facebook page may have the unfortunate effect of discouraging some medical proffessionals from embracing social media. However this is only one stray case, and the trend these days is towards Doctors using the social media to stay connected.


  1. Didn’t know social media was so popular among the medics. 88% huh? That’s a lot of medics. It’s good to know the medical and the non medical people are benefiting so much from social media. Good article and good info! Thanx.
    A medic – medic on web.

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