Social Media in India – Statistics and Insights

The world has gone crazy with increasing impact of social networking. The strength and reach of leading social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Orkut, ibibo etc has transformed the face of greater social communication. Be it political, social or personal, habit of uploading instant updates in these sites enable us to stay connected all the time.

India is not left behind. The Indian crowd, irrespective of various age groups, has preferred to the use of social networking sites to get insight of their lives. Another interesting feature about trend of social networking sites in India is that most of the people prefer to use them between 6pm to 10 pm that is after their regular working hour.

Let me show you an interesting chart about preference of social networking sites in India:

This statistics suggests that FaceBook is the most preferred social networking site in India.

Believe it or not, FaceBook has become a regular companion to maximum Indian social networking fellows. In India, social networking maniacs got a fresh way to express themselves with FaceBook.

However, there is no surprise in age based division of exposure to FaceBook in India. Take a look at the following chart prepared by Omllion and see whether you were expecting this.

Here are some other astonishing statistics for you:

  • The maximum traffic generating Indian city is Mumbai.
  • Overall statistics show that the age group of 15- 24 years is more prone to social networking.
  • FaceBook is the lone social networking site in India that has able to almost double its user base within 6 months or so.
  • Over 45% users return regularly.

Well, India is a growing social networking base in the world. It’s a fact that the country’s demographic pattern, socio-economic standards have changed a lot in last couple of years. Naturally, the pattern of social networking changed accordingly. But believe me, there is no chance of saturation. With the expansion of Indian market economy and social status, people are looking for new ways to express themselves. So the prospect of social networking is still very bright here.