Solved: Facebook Share Image Thumbnail Missing

When you share a blog post link on the social website, you get to see a thumbnail or preview of the link. However, many a time, you may find that the preview is not available. So when you share on Facebook, you will notice that the Facebook share image thumbnail missing for no apparent reason.

Most face this issue while sharing a link in Facebook, but some are finding this problem in other social bookmarking sites also. It was the problem I was facing during my initial days of blogging. I searched for the solutions, but did not succeed and then. But later on, I came across this solution. And now let me share that this solution does work.

Solved: Facebook Share Image Thumbnail Missing

Solved: Facebook Share Image Thumbnail Missing

When you follow this tip, it will also offer the person to select different images. As a blogger, you can allow your followers to do the same. So, you have to design an image, which can be used here as Thumbnail for your affected site. It is better to use this tip rather than changing themes, plugins,  and trying some other risky tricks.

Create a custom thumbnail of your website

First of all select an Image, which you want to show the users as thumbnails. You can take your website’s screenshot, or you can edit your website logo into a square one.

Upload the image to your blog

Upload your pictures to your site. If you are using WordPress, then upload it to your media library and note down the link (URL) of your newly uploaded image.

Add meta tag in site’s header

Now add a Meta tag of image source in between of < head > and < /head > of the HTML of your blog.

The Meta tag looks like this < link rel=”image_src” href=”” /> (Don’t use the space between < and link). Here change the href link to your uploaded image’s link.

When the issue occurs again, i.e. Facebook Share Image Thumbnail Missing, then this image will be used. Usually, when you share a link on any social site, they try to pick up a picture for preview. If no preview picture is available or it fails to fetch an image, you can use this header entry to find the default image.

I would instead suggest you craft the default thumbnail for individual posts separately. The best way is to use a featured image or a plugin which can do it for you.