Sony BDP – S380 Review

Media has changed a long way. From the grainy video of India holding Cricket world cup in 1983 to the HD recording of the Indian team cherishing the moment again in 2011. People lifestyle was sure to change. We have set up large screens in our bedrooms, enjoying HDs.

What made this change really? These are the companies and their innovations that made the difference. Blu Ray players entered the market a while back and became one of the unaffordable necessities. But necessities can’t be unaffordable. Sony BDP S-380 is one such example.

So, we at TGC don’t like to miss the goal. And hence, end up reviewing the gadget.


In spite of possessing a low price tag, it doesn’t look like an entry level blu ray player. Glossy black front panel with a pointed lip on the bottom edge give it a superior look.The front panel clutches a power button on the left side; Play, Pause, and Eject buttons on the center-right side; and a USB port on the far right. The back side of the player houses HDMI, component, and composite video outputs, as well as coaxial audio output, an Ethernet port, and a second USB port. The second port can be utilized for storage options or plugging in WiFi adapter. Without adater, network media cable needs to be in charge to host online media services.

The remote is well organized 5.9 inches long and mounted by rubber buttons. The number resides on the top with four color buttons and navigation button below followed by playback buttons.

The S380 goes by the fashion, using Sony’s XrossMediaBar (XMB) menu, which organize the content and features in different in columns. From the video column in XMB, you can access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video-on-Demand, and less-prominent services like Crackle and  The music services are also in abundance which includes Pandora, Slacker, and even NPR features.  Considering it an budget level blu ray player, one can get a lot in connectivity.


The S380 is impressively fast in loading BD- live armed discs and hardly slower than the cousin S780. It takes approximately 3 seconds for average start up and merely 21 seconds for loading non BD blu ray disc. The BD live fortified blu ray disk took 45 seconds to load.

The S380 offers a pretty decent performance, but lacks in handling horizontal scrolling texts. The video looks superb otherwise, but can hamper the scenes with horizontal motion. Overall, decent performance compared to the price.


Though it may not go neck to neck with bigger brothers, but still offers a clad performance according to its price tag it bears. If you really want an entry level Blu Ray player with lack of 3D support, then SONY BDP-S380 is hard to miss.

Available at for $72.49