Sony launches Music Unlimited App for iPhone

Till now only PlayStation Vita, Android and Nokia Lumia users were able to enjoy the Music Unlimited service on their respective devices. Apple users used to put their head down in front of their Android, PS Vita or Nokia Lumia friends. But not anymore; there’s good news for Music lovers who own an Apple device and don’t want to change it just for the unlimited music streaming.

Sony launches Music Unlimited App

Sony has just released its Music Unlimited app for the Apple iPhone. This app will allow the users to stream unlimited Music their Apple iPhone. This service will also go live for many more users who don’t own a Sony device.

Sony’s Music Unlimited app is similar to Spotify or Rdio. The Music Unlimited app lets you to stream songs and albums. It allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs. It was said that the Music Unlimited app will arrive only on Apple iPhone but plans are changed now. As music is the base of the app, Sony has planned to rotate the app across the Multiple Platforms like Android, Walkman PMPs, PS Vita and other Sony home theater products. There’s no iPad app yet in the store, but according to the news we got, an iPad app will also arrive.

Plans of Music Unlimited App

The Service isn’t available for free. There are two subscription plans for Music Unlimited App. The Basic Plan – costs $3.99 per month and The Premium Plan – costs $9.99 per month.

Only the Premium Plan allows you to stream unlimited songs and albums throughout the month. The Premium plan also allows you to save tracks to your phone. You can listen the songs offline as well.

The Basic Plan comes with a certain limitation. You will have to select channels that you can customize by liking or disliking particular tracks. In a basic plan, the only way to listen to the particular track is to match them with your Sony’s catalog from your PC library. But the thing which we liked about the Basic plan – there are no limits on how many songs do an individual wants to skip. And the app is completely ad-free.

It looks like that the Music Unlimited App is available in New Zealand Only. But it won’t take much time to spread across the globe.

The Music Unlimited App is available to download for free at iTunes Store.