Sony NWZ-A866 Walkman MP3 Player – Review, Price and Specs

Sony’s newest NWZ-A866 Walkman series is a trendy little MP3 player packed with great features. Its classy look and sturdy body makes you feel great and it has become a friendly device with an increasing demand.

Sony NWZ-A866 mp3 player review, price and specs

The NWZ-A866 offers an interface of iPod Touch and has fully loaded features packed in it than any other MP3 player. It offers audiophile-grade sound quality which is really great feature of it. This 2.8inch touchscreen device increases Sony’s strengths boasting its audiophile-grade sound quality that an Apple device would struggle to match.

This new released device gives a competition to its own cousin NWZ-E463 with almost similar extra added features and latest technology. The Sony NWZ-A866 launched is priced at £220 for 16GB and £219 for the 32GB edition it costs as much as the Cowon iAudio S9 or current-gen iPod Touch. While the Sony NWZ-A865 sells for as much as £90 less.

The NWZ-A866 is a simple music player which has classy slim design and it is touch focused form. The 2.8inch touch display of the Sony NWZ-A866 is great responsive with no stutter nor will slowdown when you’re flicking through the menus at speed. The screen is a WQVGA with maximum resolution 400×249 Pixel. It offers TFT color display with white LED backlight which give a razor sharp and ultra bright picture with excellent clarity.

Sony’s NWZ-A866 Walkman device weighs 75g has the same size of the NWZ-X1060 but slightly thicker than the NWZ-A845. It is just 9.3mm thick and light enough to hold in-hand while out on a run, the NWZ-A866 has become immensely portable device. It uses a proprietary socket connector for both charging and data transfer.

This new Sony Walkman MP3 Player has 5 clear audio technologies to give you the excellent listening experience, there is the Clear stereo which provides channel separation for a better stereo experience, S-Master MX digital amplifier for great clarity of sound, DSEE which restores the high frequencies lost during audio compression, Clear Bass which enhances the bass performance reducing distortion at high volume, all these technologies together with the EX300 headphones will make your music as realistic to the original recording.

It also features FM radio on-board, voice recorder and Bluetooth function, which enables you transfer files from a phone or computer and connect to any Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers. The major disappointment is this device lacks microSD slot, though it has 32/16 GB internal storage device, it’s not enough for music lovers.

The Sony NWZ-EX300 IEMs will be available as part of the package. They also sell on their own for around £40 and provide good noise isolation and satisfying sound.